I have been using Vivian Lee cosmetics for 3 years now. Well you may ask…..what is so special with her line? And yes there are many different cosmetic lines that do the job and work quite well, but I have found Vivian Lee cosmetics are truly amazing and one of a kind! 


Andrea Mirante

The Mineral Sheer Tint goes on so light that it feels like you are not wearing anything at all, but gives your skin a healthy glow with coverage. The Luminizer Foundation Stick gives your skin a highlighted glow on your cheeks, eyes and around the lips for a fuller looking pout. I never leave my house without the Mineral Sheer Tint and the Luminizer Foundation Stick. They both look and feel so natural on the skin without the makeup look. I also just purchased her newer release of eye shadow called “The Seasonal Palate” in Rock Diva and Trend Maverick. The colors look pretty vivid on the palate, but work beautifully on your eyes. You can even inter mix the different palates. I have found they stay put on my lids all day. Liptox gloss is a lip plumper with a hint of color that truly plumps your lips and will not break your budget. I have used many different brands and this one is really the best! I now own all of the colors.

Bottom line…..Vivian’s makeup line works amazing and is priced well! I have to say I am a Vivian Lee cosmetic junkie! Thank you Viv for making me feel good : )

 Vivian Lee Cosmetics créme blush enhances the apple of my cheeks and is easy to Apply with a few taps of my fingers. The Vitamin C Lip Treatment is great for moisture before lip color, gloss over lip color and great all by itself ( just a hint of color). The matte brown shadows have awesome pigment, is smooth in application and blends easily.

Michelle L Cable

I have used many of these products over the past several years and have been pleased with all of them, none have sat in my drawer to just be thrown out.

 I suffer from sensitive skin of which can break out very easily. I was never able to wear any kind of tint on my cheeks and certainly not any kind of cream based product. I took a chance and tried Vivian Lee Cosmetic’s Cream Wear Blush and have been wearing it for a few years now.

Nicki Walters
Seattle, WA

I use the Sweet Cheeks color and it provides me with beautiful natural flushed cheeks and a slight lovely shimmer. This product goes on clean and light, not at all greasy and it stays in place for the entire day. I am also very fond of the Chrome Refillable Kit that Vivian Lee Cosmetics offers. I can switch out the colors for each season or trip. It is sturdy, travels well and while at home, it reduces the clutter on my sink by limiting the amount of loose shadows and pigments that would usually be there. Speaking of pigments, the colors offered are rich and gorgeous whether they are of the natural palette or fashion. I can not recommend these products enough and I especially love that they have been created locally in Seattle.

I am singing the praises of Vivian Lee. I have spent a small fortune on make-up in my lifetime and I can honestly say that this is the first time I have found products that actually do not irritate my eyes by the end of the day. In fact, I have to try to remember that I actually have make-up on.

Ricki Pasinelli
Vivian Lee Convert

Vivian Lee touts its products as long wearing and incredibly enough they are. My eye make-up looks perfect even at the end of the day or evening. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Vivian Lee make-up. The color choices are plentiful and so beautiful. I probably will not buy another brand of make-up again. And, as my other brands run out I am slowly replacing them with this wonderful product.

 I have been using Vivian Lee Cosmetics since she launched her first products in 2006. I adore them and use them every day. The Vivian Lee make-up line is so versatile that whether I¹m up for my every day look, or feel like being more adventurous with the newest colors and techniques, I can get any look I feel like that day with her unique products. Here are a few reasons why I have continued to buy and love her products for the past 3 years: I have worked in Aesthetic Medicine for 4 years, partnering closely with Cosmetic Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons ­ the people in the world who know the most about skin. What I¹ve learned is that they all have the same basic recommended regimen for healthy, beautiful skin: cleanse, exfoliate, protect with antioxidant, hydrate, and block UV rays with SPF. But the products they recommend end up being a hodge-podge of different items for different skin issues from completely different manufactures. This is problematic even for individuals with normal skin, but a huge nightmare for people with sensitive skin ­ like me. The reason I say this is because it¹s one of the biggest reasons why I love Vivian Lee Cosmetics. The products are not only professionally and beautifully made and gorgeous to wear, but there is complete consistency among the products because they are made to work together and they have all of the features that doctors recommend to properly care for your skin. The Mineral Makeup is wearable by everyone ­ it is extremely gentle and covers my skin perfectly while feeling light, sheer and easy to use ­ there¹s never a greasy make-up or made-up feeling with any of the products in the line. And I know that while I love the way the products look on my face, I also know they are protecting my skin at the same time. They contain antioxidants, SPF, hydrate my skin (most other products actually dry our skin, even if we don’t know it at the time); and Viv¹s products are also fragrance and dye free. These features help keep my skin healthy and prevent my skin from wrinkling and aging prematurely. And all of her products are formulated using the same method, so I don¹t have to worry about having an issue with any item in the line and can feel good about trying new things all the time. And another thing – you know how annoying it is when you find a product you love and the company stops making it? This has never happened since I bought my first product, which was The Pressed Mineral Foundation. She still carries it ­ it¹s exactly the same as it was 3 years ago, and I still use it every day. Since then, I¹ve added dozens of different eye-colors (check out the Seasonal Palate Compacts), dozens of all different kinds of lip-colors (the LipTox and the Vitamin C lip treatment are musts!), tons of both powder and cream-style cheek-colors, pencils, brushes, concealers, bronzers and so many other things – there¹s always something fun and new to try. And whether you¹re your own make-up artist, or a make-up novice, Vivian and her staff are always there to help pick the best colors for our complexions and have taught me great tricks to getting the right look for my style. I know that I’ll never stop using Vivian Lee Cosmetics ­ I love them, they are great for my skin and they make me feel great! I also feel good about supporting environmentally-conscious, cruelty-free, products and an eco-friendly, responsible local business.

Stephanie Cromwell